Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our Home, A Tour: The Master Bathroom

The Master Bathroom

Like I said when I gave you a tour of our Hall Bathroom, we learned a lot about home renovations during that project! And we were able to apply some of what we learned when working on our second bathroom. Like: 
  • Don't start a project until you have money/supplies to finish it.
  • Begin with a plan, not because you want to rip down a wall. 
  • Don't begin projects right after you find out you are expecting a baby... oh wait, we failed on that one. oops! ;)
Oh! And we drastically cut down our project time! Our Hall Bath took us 2 years, for many reasons, but this one took us about 2 weeks! Hurray for applying lessons learned!


 I wish I would have taken more-updated before pictures of this room - the above picture was taken right after we moved in and sadly this bathroom deteriorated under our feet. I'll try to describe to you in words it's situation: The tile in the shower floor had not been installed properly so the majority of the grout worked it's way out over 2 years - leaving a shifty, sometimes poke-your-toes floor. The linoleum was peeling badly and discolored in a few places. The cabinet door didn't fit correctly, so I only had one attached - something I, surprisingly, got used to. It's funny how your list of priorities changes when you've lived in a house for awhile. :) (Can anyone relate?) 

So we started with ripping out the shower floor - the walls were in good shape, so we hoped to save them and just lay new tile down on the bottom. Brad spent a good afternoon breaking out the tile and scraping the shower pan to prep it for tile. We were able to find a tile we felt accented the walls well for the shower floor and then a pretty close match for the floor of the bathroom. I can't believe how simply changing the flooring dressed up this bathroom! We also painted both the upper walls and freshened up the bead-board which covers the bottom 4ish feet of the walls. 

 Brad also used his carpentry skills to cut down the cabinet door and even added some trim to them so that the doors looked more "finished" they are so amazing. I'm a proud wife. It's given us confidence about possibly redoing a kitchen someday.... eek.

Before/After Side by Side: 
Hurray! Two bathrooms, spruced up by the Kidders - it feels so good to have them done!! 

We are done with bathrooms and bedrooms, let's do living spaces next! Front Room, here we come!

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