Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our Home, A Tour: Hall Bathroom

Hi friends, I'm starting a new - few week long - series here on the blog to document the progress and updates we've made on our home here in Pampa both for memory's sake and so you can see what we've done! :)

I even made a series picture/header! Fancy schmancy.
Today, I'd like to take you on a tour of our:
Hall Bathroom

I know what you're probably thinking, why in the world are you starting with a bathroom Sarah? I've chosen to start here for a few reasons. 
  1. This is the room that took us the longest from start of project to finish of project (close to 2 years.... eek!). 
  2. It's a pretty drastic before/after and, no lie, I want to make your jaw drop right off the bat. 
  3. We learned SO much about home renovations and all future projects will be better because of this room. 
  4. I'm really proud of this room. 
Let's start with the BEFORE: 
 Yep, that's a Pepto-Bismol pink tub accented nicely by gold and pink flecked tile and mauve walls. The room was crowned with floral wallpaper. Not in horrible shape, but definitely not our taste.

 The other side of the room. There was, when we put in an offer on the house, a pink toilet to match the tub, but it didn't pass the house inspection so the previous owner's replaced it with a white one for us. 

PROGRESS (taken over the course of 2 years):
We did the majority of the work ourselves, but did have some help along the way, we had a plumber install a line up for a shower head (the tub only had a bottom spigot previously), our friend Mike helped move the old tub out and new tub in and our friend Josh helped with all the tiling - both the shower surround and flooring. Thanks guys so much for your help!!! Brad did the of the brain work - and even found our MARBLE tile at a major discount.
 Shower! NO MORE PINK! Hurray! 

 The other side of the bathroom. After a new tub, drywall, shower surround, flooring, vanity, mirror, lighting, baseboards, crown and paint we were done! Phew!

And because I love a good before/after:

 Amazing right? 

We love our new bathroom! It was a lot of work, but we are so pleased with the results. 

Check back tomorrow for a tour of Michael's room (never seen before on the blog!). :) 

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Amy said...

Wow! That is amazing. Do you ever just go into the bathroom and stand there to admire your handiwork??