Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Home, A Tour: Michael's Room

 Today, I'd like to show you: 
Michael's Room

 Some of you may remember, that this room was originally our Guest Room. But after Michael was born, we decided to move him in here and allow Lucy to have "sleepovers" with her brother when guests visit. Our kids, so far, have slept so much better alone - I know this is because they haven't been trained how to share a room and that training begins next month! They will be sharing a room in Lansing! 

I had so much fun decorating this room over a few months for our boy - we didn't paint, the color is neutral but I think I've been able to bring in color and whimsey through decorations instead. 
 Michael's room! :) 

 Changing table (you may remember I painted it for Lu soon after we moved to Pampa

 The cuddle corner - I love this rocker. :) 

 Hanging above Michael's bed are some of the yarn balls I made for an Easter Brunch at church (read about that here). They are hanging well out of Michael's reach, so don't worry. :) 

 All of our board-books hang out in here, along with cars, blocks and baby toys (in the top bin, no tag for it yet). I also keep the majority of our "makes noise" toys in here (in the basket on the right) Michael likes to play with them during room-time. :) 

 My favorite part in the whole room is this fun collage of memories. I found the printable online (you can find it here) and made the M canvas (info on that here). I had all these frames but they were different colors - a few quick coats of white spray paint made them coordinate nicely. :) I also invested in a mat-cutter (using a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby) and bought sheet of grey mat board. After some practice, I was able to cut out the mats and create a cohesive look for the collage. :)

Michael loves to look at books while his pants are changed, so I put a little set of board books into the wooden truck! It has been the perfect home for them, Michael and I both love the creative storage (for different reasons of course). :) 

 (There was a bit of something on my camera lens when I took these pictures - so please forgive the grey blotch.)

Well, that's Michael's colorful-and-functional-with-a-touch-of-whimsey Nursery. :) 

Next up on our house tour: Lucy's Room! 

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