Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our Home, A Tour: The Master Bedroom

 We catch a lot of Zzzzzz in this next room:
The Master Bedroom

This room, like both Lucy and Michael's has had it's share of shifts and changes in the past few years, from soon after move-in (an oldie post with lots of before pictures of the house!), after we got our new bedding, prepared for Michael's arrival and now!

 After we got Michael moved out of our room and settled into his, we decided to shift the way our room was arranged, moving the bed to the other wall, centered with the window. We've both liked this arrangement a lot, it seems to make the room feel a bit more open and not as much as if all the furniture is resting against one wall (it still is, but it doesn't feel like it is) Haha. I've kept my eye out for a piece of artwork to cover that electrical box... but we haven't found anything we love yet, so we are being patient - plus now we're moving and art is kinda hard to transport. :)

The other wall, which is home to the dresser.

We still have fabric that we'd like to use to make a padded headboard at some point. That change would also allow Lucy to have a bed frame, getting her mattress off the floor - plus I think that our headboard and footboard would look darling painted white in her room! :)

That was a quick tour - up next: the Master Bath!

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Rachel Addington said...

Sarah I'm really enjoying your home tour. I always like to see people's spaces, it helps me imagine you where you are. I like to see your creativity everywhere and how you've made a functional and beautiful place for family. think I'll have to blog a home tour in a couple months also. Before then there are a few changes that I want to make.

much love!