Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kidder Kid Conversations

First off, let me say how much I love these kiddos....

They brighten my days and make life fun with their little personalities and silly spirits. Here are some of the fun conversations we've had lately: 

Lucy: "Michael are you dirty again?!" 
Sarah: "Yep, he is - Lucy do you want to change him?"
Lucy: hahaha "No! That's your job!" 

Playing Doctor with Lucy
Lu: "Well, you don't have a fever - which is good. Is anything else bothering you? .... Take a big breath for me?... Breathe out..... Breathe out.... Breathe out...." 

Sarah: "That sounds like a great plan Lu, let's write it down." 
Lucy: "Let's write it UP!!" 

We ran out of pull-ups and decided to have Lucy wear diapers during naps and at bedtime. Brad put her up in the changing table (in Michael's room) to put a diaper on her one evening before bed and she said, very seriously: "If Michael comes in here he will be confused." 

Lucy to Brad: "Your name's Ben my name's Anna - together, we are Banana!"
(We later asked her where she came up with that and she said, "Doc McStuffins!" I don't know if it's true, I haven't heard it - but it made us laugh! :) ) 

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Jana said...

Never stop posting these!