Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Mysterious Little One #3

Well my friends, this morning was the day of our Anatomy Ultrasound and we had hoped to find out this baby's gender... but baby was very active and kept itself in positions that made it difficult for the ultrasound technician to find out sex.

The technician worked so hard for us to see if she could get a good angle and see. One time she thought girl and when we tried to confirm from another angle she didn't know if she saw boy "parts!" Baby even crossed his/her legs at one point! This was very different from past experiences for us - on both Lucy and Michael's ultrasounds they were able to tell us immediately, with confidence with the baby's gender was - we witnessed how this baby was being "difficult" and saw, clearly how the technician tried to see, to the best of her abilities. From everything we saw, baby looks healthy - but we will confirm Anatomy results with our Doctor on Thursday. Baby measured at 20 weeks exactly, so due date according to the ultrasound has been bumped three days to November 5th - pretty consistent with results from our past pregnancies (both previous ultrasounds pushed my due date back a few days).

 Here's a foot!

And a hand/arm - love that you can see the definition of bone in this one! God is so amazing. 

I had thought I'd spend the evening perusing fabric sites and looking for individual but coordinating options for this baby - but I guess that will have to wait! :) I'm not a gender-neutral person - I know some people can pull it off really well, but I really really like to know. The process of sewing/crocheting and preparing for the baby, specifically and with a name in mind, is so fun - and maybe even emotionally helpful - for me. 

I've been feeling really surreal about this whole "find out the gender" day - it seems to have snuck up on me. I can't help but wonder now if the Lord was protecting my heart from the disappointment of not knowing yet. I'm a little bummed I can't start planning projects but I'm okay with waiting (right now - that may change in an hour). 

Some dear friends recently thought they were having a boy and then another ultrasound revealed "GIRL!" Walking along side them as they've processed the change has made me think differently about expectations and I'm thankful we got an honest, "I have no idea" from the ultrasound technician and not a guess - even if it may have been an "educated" one. :) 

I've never had a 3D/4D ultrasound, so maybe we'll try it out with this baby!


Katie Addington said...

OK, I totally understand the desire to plan and know, but there is something truly incredible about not knowing until the doctor holds baby up and says "it's a boy!" (Or girl). Jonny wanted to know and plan the first time, but I convinced him to wait. He enjoyed the surprise so much, it was actually his choice the second time! It's also incredible how much you can know about baby just by their movement and behaviors and what God reveals through prayer, even though you don't "know". Enjoy it either way-whether or not you go back for more! :-)

Sarah said...

Katie, There's always something that's been attractive to me about not knowing and being surprised! Part of me loves the idea but I'm just not 100% sold on it yet. I've joked about making both a boy and girl quilt and being ready for ether and then using the extra blanket to jump start an etsy shop! Haha - we are going to try to be flexible and take life as it comes here. We've got a few months of transition ahead so I'm trying not to let this (small, at this point) detail cloud my thinking on other decisions! :)

I love what you said about how not knowing the gender makes you more attentive to other aspects of pregnancy. I hadn't thought about that. And I also appreciated you pointing out (on purpose or indirectly) that my ability to pray for this baby and prepare isn't tied to me knowing it's gender. :) Thanks!