Monday, September 20, 2010

First Pampa Visitors

Over Labor Day weekend, Becca and Samuel drove up for a visit. They were so flexible! We didn't have any of our furniture yet, so they camped with us. :) I went furniture "shopping" in the church and found some chairs and a table that we used for the weekend, fun memories. We had a great time, there was lots of Settlers, Sonic, Smiles and Snuggles! :)

I think we played 8 games all together - I didn't win one.... frustrating. As you can see here, we had to stay hydrated and Sonic has this thing called Happy Hour... that is very hard to pass up.

Of course the reason Becca and Sam came to visit wasn't to see me or Brad but this little gal.

Aunt Becca

Uncle Sam - Please notice the drool that is coming out of Lucy's mouth :) I didn't notice it until I was editing the picture.

Becca and Sam - Please come visit us again! We had so much fun with you two. Thank you for making the trip up here!

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