Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Michigan: Steve and Sarah's Wedding

The best man from our wedding got married on August 14th - and Brad got to be his best man.

Steve and Brad have been friends since nursery school - and actually Sarah (Steve's now, bride) was with them too! Brad has told me many times, and expressed in his best man speech, that Steve is, for all practical purposes, his brother. I always enjoy watching these two guys have fun together. :)
The above pictures are from our wedding - here is a glimpse into the celebration of Steve and Sarah's wedding:

At the Rehearsal

Lucy, at the Reception - holding Grandma's finger while Grandpa holds her up. :)

First Dance

Mother/Son dance (Brad took this picture - all of the credit for it's awesomeness goes to him!)

(L to R) Sarah, Steve, Hope, Nate, Lucy, Sarah and Brad.

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