Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Minnesota: Uncles, Aunts and Cousins

Ok everyone - Get ready for picture overload! On our way home from Minnesota, Brad and I couldn't believe how many people we had been able to see - and we didn't even get pictures of everyone!

Mara Engel
Aunt Joy Engel

Uncle John Robert Chisholm (aka J. Bob)

Molly Engel

Grant Engel

Aunt Janell Repp

Hannah Godbout

Uncle Jason Engel (sorry it's an iPhone pic - ultra yellow/orange)

Mara again - she is such a sweetie!

Aunt Becky Holien

Ana Esther Pedro

Lucy Lu - She loved the Pedro family! And they were enthralled with her!

Joshua Pedro

Jeremiah Pedro

Rebecca Pedro

John Michael Pedro

Aunt Debbie Hardison

Seriously. Family is the best. :)


Anonymous said...

hi miss pedro a felow reading and spanish stundent

Anonymous said...

black fridayyy