Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Minnesota: Generations

Meet my Great Grandpa Ivance. He is 103 years old.

He still dresses up - each and every day.

Great Grandpa Ivance is my Grandma Chisholm's dad. The only generation missing here is my mom! We missed you!!!

Boutwell, where Grandpa Chisholm was recuperating from the accident is the same building where my Great Grandpa Ivance is living.

Isn't my Grandma a classy lady?

Great Grandpa doesn't remember me - but when he heard we were from Chicago, his face light up! He said, "I lived in Chicago!" Even though I have heard the story of his life in Chicago, I didn't mind hearing it again - I love hearing Great Grandpa reminisce about the past.

Grandma was explaining to him who Lucy was, "Jolene's grand daughter."

Both Brad and I are so blessed to have such a legacy of faith preceding us. We are thankful, so thankful for the faith that has been passed down to us. We are so excited about having a family now, of our own, that we can impart the gospel to. What an honor.


Amy Kidder said...
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Amy Kidder said...

Your great grandpa is so cute! I love his outfit!