Friday, September 24, 2010

Our First Pampa Home

Welcome to our home! For those of you who do not know, we are living in an apartment at church as we wait for our home in Chicago to sell. I hope you are ready for a tour, because here we go....

Master Bedroom

Office space

Sitting area


Lucy's room

Lucy's room

Guest-bed and door to outside roof-deck.

Our Kitchenette (once bathroom #2, after a through scrubbing and some creativity, it now functions as our Kitchenette)

Our kitchen storage - I have "McGrovered"(is that what you would say to communicate "Found-a-red-neck-way-of-solving-the-problem?") a way to have power on this side of the kitchenette by using an extension cord - it is bright orange, see it in the first picture of the kitchen? Oh, and you need to have the kitchen light on for it to work. :) Creative? Yes.

I put a card table over the toilet, providing some more counter space and a place for me to decorate a bit. :)

Our "Oven" and Frige. I fill up that white tub with refrigerator items we don't need for the day and switch them out with items we do need that are kept in the big frige down in the church Kitchen.

Our Living/Dining room.

I can't believe how well everything fits!

This is the table from our 301 Winona apt, it fits so much better than our large table would (It is stored in the church garage along with our buffet - the only two pieces of furniture that are not in our apartment!)

We spend most of our time in this room - together as a family. :)

Thanks for taking a tour with me! Feel free to come visit - the guest bed is made and ready for a visitor! :)


Joel and Linsey Smoker said...

LOVE IT Sarah - you have done such a great job and I truly think it is adorable!!! :)

Matt and Amy said...

Haha. I love that Brad and your kitchen is currently a bathroom...yall of all people. The wonderful chefs! :) You made it look super nice though. And I loved getting to see the rest of your place!


It is fun to see your apartment and how almost everything fits. Creative use of bathroom #2, especially the card table. During a summer when I was young and my dad was in Bible school. . . we lived in my granparents upstairs. My dad made a rack for the tub, so we could also wash dishes there. Creative things we do in ministry, eh?