Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quick Interruption

A quick interruption to the Minnesota updates to say:

  1. We finally have internet in our apartment.
  2. We are safe and sound in Pampa, Texas.
  3. We are still camping out in our apartment, since our stuff hasn't gotten here yet. (Hopefully by early next week?)
  4. The drive here went well, our two backseat passengers were both champs - Chloe didn't like the trip at. all. But Lucy did well - considering the circumstances.

Things we have observed while living here so far:
  1. It is VERY windy. I fought the battle of skirt vs. wind multiple times - and I am no longer wearing skirts on a daily basis...
  2. We are addicted to Sonic.
  3. We love living close to a Wal-Mart.
  4. We love the people here - seriously, southern hospitality is alive and well.
  5. We are both picking up a southern drawl much faster than we anticipated. This may be due to our obsession with Friday Night Lights (awesome show).
  6. The kids at school here are stinkin' cute! (There is a school that meets in the church building during the week. When the kids walk in the hallways they are required to be quiet and walk with their hands behind their backs - it is fun to see them steal looks at Lucy and try to stay quiet - I hope the teachers don't think I am trying to be a distraction! :) )
I'll try to post some pictures this afternoon. :)

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