Monday, September 20, 2010

Kidder Family Update

Hello all,

I apologize that I haven't been updating as often as some of you would like. :) I have been busy unpacking, setting up our home, preparing for the start of Awana and getting to know people.

We are all unpacked - well, not entirely - but that which we need is set up/put away and what we don't need is out of sight, and as they say - out of mind. I look forward to posting pictures so you can see our new home, it has been such a blessing for us and fits us (surprisingly) well. Our Chicago home still has not sold - but we had a man come back for a second showing last week. We are hoping to hear soon if he has decided to make an offer.

Our Awana program started last Wednesday, I believe we had about 50 kiddos! I had 11 little people join me in Cubbies. I think we are going to have a great year. Lucy did great in Nursery - it was her first time, and I was a little worried she would be fussy. Her fussy-time of day is around 7 o'clock and she doesn't have a great track record with taking a bottle - but she drank 3 oz from Ruby (such a sweet lady with two daughters in my Cubbies class), slept and was smiling and happy when I picked her up (making my mama heart proud!).

We have so enjoyed getting to know people here better - through one-on-one time and fellowship over a meal (both here at church and at the Plaza - a favorite Mexican Restaurant in town). Brad is enjoying his new role as Pastor - He finished teaching through Jude yesterday and next Sunday we start studying Ephesians. Sunday evenings we have a prayer service - it has been such a blessing to me to pray and worship with our Brothers and Sisters here in such an intimate and authentic service. After the service on Sunday nights we enjoy a potluck together which has provided great opportunities for us to continue to get to know people.

I realize that I have a habit of blogging in "binges" (as Brad says) hahaha. And I am going to attempt to remedy that by only posting some of my pictures today - and posting more throughout this week. :) So get excited - pictures of our home, and Lucy are coming up! :)

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