Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How To: Hair bow for infant

We interrupt the regularly scheduled programing to bring you a How To Special. :) How to make a hair bow for an infant. Enjoy! (A good friend, Abby Naus, told me how to make these bows - all credit goes to her for creativity! :) )

Infant hair is so fine that many store-bought barrettes do not stay in. But if you have the following supplies in your house, you can make some barrettes in 4 easy-shmezy steps. :)
  1. Zip-Lock Baggie
  2. Scissors
  3. Narrow Ribbon
  4. Hot Glue Gun

(You can click on the above image to enlarge it)

First, cut the zipper out of your zip-lock bag.
Second, tie your ribbon into a little bow.
Third, glue your ribbon to the zipper from your bag.
Forth, put your new barrette into your baby's hair.
Done! :)



Rach said...

Sooooo cute and smart! I'll have to remember this when I (hopefully) have a little girl someday. Thanks for sharing.

Drew and Rachel said...

Lucy is so cute with all that hair. The yellow bow looks especially good on her, I think. Glad to hear/see that you are doing well Sarah. It seems like everything is going amazingly smooth. You're a blessed mama and a good mama.

Joel and Linsey Smoker said...

Love the idea - I can't wait to try!!! :)